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Soup,  6.| the news, changes daily, but is always good


SOUP & SALAD 12.    pick any soup and salad that works for you, bread & butter        

Beets 10.                     fresh beets, greens, toasted hazelnuts, pears, honey balsamic dressing     

Broccoli 9.50                 soft feta cheese, yoghurt, lemon, seeds and golden raisins     

Greens  9.                   organic tossed greens, cucumber, tomato, carrots | add chicken 3.    

Rick Salad 15.             organic greens, avocado, chicken, egg, parmesan petals, tomatoes, cukes, seasonal fruit

Old Timer 14.             today’s quiche with any soup or salad that works for you,    

Brea’s Blue Bowl 13.     an exiting composition by Brea every day


SANDWICH combos with soup or salad and a pickle


That’s how it works:    pick your sandwich, pair it with any salad or soup

    substitute gluten free bread $2. or croissant $1. split plates $2.

    upgrade your salad with a side of Rick salad or Blue Bowl for $2.

    add chicken $3. bacon, avocado, creamy feta or goat cheese for $2.


The BIRD 14.     

Evelyn’s classic: fresh roasted hutterite chicken, cranberries, mayo, lettuce     


CLOSE CUT13.     

shaved applewood smoked ham, cheddar cheese, mayo, lettuce, mustard


BORN TODAY 15.    

smoked turkey club, butter croissant, mayo, lettuce, tomato, bacon, cheddar, avocado spread



stack of shaved pastrami, swiss, pickled red cabbage, real russian sauce,


COME AND GET ME 13.     

avocado, cucumber, tomato, roasted red pepper-chick pea hummus, lettuce, jack, 

add chicken 3.


WHO KNEW? 15.    

smoked turkey, dried blueberry spread, arugula, pear, pecan-cream cheese



grilled cheese, smoked cheddar, brie & swiss, potato chips, add bacon 2.



a stack of ham, Genoa salami, smoked turkey, havarti, lettuce, mayo,


Sweets, Pies & Such

BANANA SPLIT Sundae 8.   

fresh banana, classic flavours, whipped cream, sprinkles fresh berries


BROWNIE Earthquake 6.      

a fiery hot cherry glaze, vanilla ice cream, silky chocolate &     and a sparkling flame



warm, butterscotch & chocolate sauce, vanilla ice cream - don’t fight over it,


EVELYN’s CARROT CAKe 5.5      


Pies 6.5 / a la mode 7.5    strawberry-rhubarb crumble | blueberry | saskatoon | apple | sour cherry & more


Hand crafted ice cream,


Refreshments        Hot beverages


pop 2.    

colombian arabica coffee 2.8

mango ice tea 3.

snapple peach or lemon 3.    

large cappuccino 5.0

Boylan’s cherry coke, rootbeer, 3.  

large cafe latte 5.0

San Pellegrino pop 3.    




Fentimans ginger beer 4.    

London fog 3.0

large chai latte 4.5

Evian water 3.    loaded hot chocolate 5.0

San Pellegrino water 3.

Bottled water 2.   

Milk 2.50     

Chocolate milk 3.   

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