MENU @ EVELYN'S   Taste Tested - Eater Approved!

Our Server will inform you about today's special meals, soup and drinks


Chicken Noodle Soup 6.50|10.

Simply comfort

bread & butter


Soup of Today 6.50 |9.

like the news, changes daily,

but is always good,

bread & butter



Soup & Salad 13.

pick any soup and salad

that works for you,

bread & butter



Deep Dish Quiche 9. | 14.

with soup or salad

Mediterranean or Bacon, cheese & onion,



Rick Salad 10. | 16.  **Gfree

organic greens, avocado, chicken, egg, brie, tomatoes,

cukes, bacon, berries, seeds



Southern Quinoa Salad 10.|15. **Gfree

quinoa, avocado, sweet potato

grape tomato, black beans, corn

peppers, cilantro, lime,



Organic Greens 8.| 10. **Gfree

organic tossed greens, cucumber, tomato, carrots

add chicken 3.



Broccoli Salad 8. | 10.  **Gfree

soft feta cheese, yoghurt, lemon, sunflower seeds

and golden raisins



Beet Salad 9. | 15.  **Gfree

greens, fresh roasted beets, dill,

walnuts, apples, feta,

honey-balsamic dressing



ADD to your Salad: Chicken 4.| Bacon 3.| feta 3.| avocado 3.| goatcheese 3.



Sandwich Combos

(incl. soup or salad, on our own fresh baked bread) Guten free Bread avail. 


substitute gluten free bread 2. croissant 2. wrap 1. | split orders 3.

upgrade your salad with a side of Rick salad or Bowl for 3.

add chicken 4. bacon, avocado, creamy feta or goat cheese for 3

Sandwich only available



The Bird 14.

Evelyn’s classic:

fresh roasted hutterite chicken, cranberries, mayo, lettuce



Come and Get Me 13. Vegetarian

avocado, cucumber, tomato, roasted red pepper-chick pea hummus,

lettuce, jack,  add chicken 4.



Close Cut 13.

shaved applewood smoked ham, cheddar,

mayo, lettuce, mustard



All or Nothing 17.

stacked ham, salami, smoked turkey, havarti,

lettuce, chipotle mayo



Reuben's Reuben 17.

stack of shaved pastrami, mustard, swiss cheese

pickled red cabbage,



Born Today 15.

smoked turkey club croissant, mayo, lettuce,

tomato, bacon, cheddar,



Who Knew 15.

smoked turkey, apples, blueberry spread, monterey jack, lettuce



Triple Threat 12.

grilled cheddar, brie & swiss, potato chips,

add bacon 3.




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